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Collections 2013

Private Collections tours begin at 5:30pm with the exception of the Fisher Collection which begins at 3:30pm. Following your tour, you are invited to a reception at Ken Fulk Design from 6:30 to 8:30pm. Valet parking will be provided.

The Chadwick Collection


Lisa Dolby Chadwick has curated over 160 exhibitions at her San Francisco gallery since its founding in 1997. Her personal collection is comprised of largely figurative works that she has acquired gradually over the years; while much of the art is by artists she represents, she also collects from fine art galleries and presses based in San Francisco and beyond. Chadwick lives in a historic home atop Russian Hill with stunning bridge-to-bridge views - a perfect perch to witness Leo Villareal's "The Bay Lights" art installation. The open, light-filled space is the perfect backdrop for her collection, which includes work by Christopher Brown, Theophilus Brown, Stephen DeStaebler, John DiPaolo, Edwige Fouvry, Sheri Franssen, Kim Frohsin, Ann Gale, Alex Kanevsky, Hung Liu, Frank Lobdell, Jaume Plensa, and Masami Teraoka.

The Critchell/Daugherty Collection


The focus of our collection is abstract and conceptual contemporary bringing together mid career and emerging artists including some parings of mentor and student such as Christopher Wool/Josh Smith and Glenn Ligon/Hayal Pozanti. The collection also reflects my career in the art world where I've had the opportunity to work with many of artists including George Condo, Dike Blair, Josh Smith and Daido Moriyama. Growing the collection, we will stick to the broad theme of abstract and conceptual with a particular near term focus on the "Mission School" movement currently represented by two Chris Johanson works.

The Dauber Collection


"I like to find stuff that's a kick in the teeth," says Jeff Dauber of his avant-garde and contemporary art collection. He hits that mark with challenging and confrontational pieces like Walter Robinson's pink Mickey Mouse Pieta and Al Farrow's artillery-walled Synagogue. Dominated by large-scale works, Dauber's collection includes sculpture, drawings, paintings, photographs and new media. In his largely representative and figurative collection are pieces by Travis Somerville, Hank Willis Thomas, Hung Liu, John Bankston, Enrique Chagoya, Lincoln Schatz and many others. Dauber's "Deform" house, on which he collaborated with experimental architect Thom Faulders, features a private gallery dedicated to his rapidly growing collection.

The Fabian Collection

Chinese Painting and Furniture

The Reverend Richard Fabian's collection - housed at Lyon Street on the 'Gold Coast' of Pacific Heights - highlights classical Chinese art, including calligraphy, hardwood furniture and scholars' objects, as well as contemporary works and modern Chinese paintings. Fabian's exceptional collection crowds an otherwise simple home, leaving enough spare room for 15 visitors to enjoy the finely detailed artistry adorning his rooms and ascending his 80-step stairwell. Featured works include those by Zhao Zhiquian, Xugu, Ren Yi, Fu Baoshi, Xu Beihond and Shi Lu.

The Fisher Collection

Contemporary and Modern

A promised gift to SFMOMA, the collection of Gap founders Doris and Donald Fisher consists of more than 1,100 works by iconic 20th-century artists. The Fishers collected the artists they loved in depth, purchasing extensive groupings of seminal works. Paintings, sculptures, photographs, and video works by Alexander Calder, Chuck Close, Anselm Kiefer, Roy Lichtenstein, Agnes Martin, Gerhard Richter, Cy Twombly, Andy Warhol, and many more. Join curators Laura Satersmoen and Abner Nolan at Gap HQ to see the collection which will move to the museum after the expansion. This tour is open to all levels of ticket holders for an additional $100.

*All levels of ticket holders have the exclusive opportunity to see the Fisher Collection at Gap Inc. Headquarters.

The Ghielmetti Collection

Photography, Works on Paper and Sculpture

The Ghielmetti's collection features over 150 pieces of original artwork by American and European contemporary and modern masters. This diverse collection includes sculpture, photographs, paintings and drawings by Richard Diebenkorn, David Park, Manuel Neri, Conrad Marca-Relli, Robert De Niro, Sr., Esteban Vicente, Alfred Leslie, Willem de Kooning and Hans Hofmann among others. The careful curation of the work creates an exciting dialogue among the artists. Ms. Ghielmetti, an interior designer and art advisor, has created an eclectic yet traditional interior with Asian influences in their New York-style town home, which was built in 1923.

The Gruen Collection

Contemporary Russian

Claude and Nina Gruen were able to design the interior walls of their SoMa penthouse to showcase approximately ninety works. The Gruens' collection of contemporary Russian art focuses on work from the 1950s onward, and features important artists Ilya Kabakov, Eric Bulatov, Vitaly Komar & Alexander Melamid, Oleg Vassiliev and many others. The Gruen collection has been gifted to the Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University, where fifty pieces are currently on exhibit. A comprehensive catalogue of the Gruen collection has also been published by the museum. "It is hard to pinpoint the date when our array of artifacts became a 'collection,'" says Mrs. Gruen. "Collecting, for us, was never a means of investment... but rather a way of pursuing a passionate interest." From both an artistic and historic perspective, it's a must-see.

The Luckow Collection

Eclectic Contemporary

Mr. Luckow's collection is curated in two locations in an historic, 1920's downtown building - a lush French salon residence upstairs and an inviting, storefront office gallery on the ground floor. Either place, you'll feel the urge to settle in, sip champagne or a highball, and enjoy convivial time with friends. The art in the residence is set against lush walls and fabrics, the interior design palette showcasing an eclectic collection of abstract and contemporary realist paintings, modern and vintage photography, and glass, drawings, and mixed media work. Downstairs in the office gallery, photography and etchings dominate the comfy library setting. Both spaces reflect the collector's passion for discovering artists and living with art that "changes the conversation when people gather." Androgyny, sexuality, and human life are prominent themes throughout the collection. You'll see works by mostly Bay Area and New York artists including painters Robert Barra, Karl Baumann, Jacob Collins, Adam Forfang, Jason Gaillard, Christopher Jernberg, Randall Lake, Francis Mill, Lynne Margulies, Clark Mitchell, Carolyn Myer, Charles Thomas O'Neil, Gage Opdengrouw, Jacob Pfeiffer, Daniel Phill, John Poon, Jamie Rogers, Randall Sexton, Louis Tedesco, and Bruno Zupan; photographers Steven Arnold, Herb Ascherman, Marsha Burns, Rick Chapman, Mariana Cook, Judy Dater, Dean Dempsey, James Dewhirst, Harvey Ferdschneider, Chris Fulton, Herb Green, David Halliday, Helen Levitt, Annie Liebowitz, Scott Louis, George Platt Lynes, Carlos Motta, Scott Polach, August Sander, Howard Schatz, Stephen Shames, and Jock Sturges; and mixed media, etchings, and drawings by Michele Biehler, Peter Cox, Kim Frohsin, Peter Max Lawrence, Hugh Shurley, Robert Schwartz, Margo Weinstein, and Charles Wells.

The McEvoy Collection


Nion McEvoy's collection strives for impact over completeness. Originally a collector of photography, McEvoy's interest in such topics as music and media led him to include both more conceptual work and other media such as paint, video, installation, and sculpture. The collection presents a range of artists, from modernists like Brassaï, Man Ray, Edward Weston, and László Moholy-Nagy; late modernists like Garry Winogrand, Lee Friedlander, Diane Arbus, Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, and Robert Mapplethorpe; contemporary artists like Nan Goldin, Anne Collier, James Welling, Christian Williams, Roe Ethridge, Christian Marclay, Dario Robleto, Lisa Yuskavage, Mamma Andersson, Goshka Macuga, Alex Prager, Alicja Kwade and Zilla Leutenegger.

The Meyer/Calas Collection

The Art of California

The Meyer/Calas collection came into being 25 years ago when Lorna Meyer began collecting the California Impressionism of the Society of Six including Selden Gile, William Clapp, Louis Siegriest and August F. Gay. The collection evolved to include Bay Area Figurative painters such as David Park, Nathan Oliveira, Joan Brown, James Weeks and Paul Wonner. You will also see paintings by Wayne Thiebaud, Frank Lobdell, Christopher Brown, Raimonds Staprans, David Ligare, and Terry St. John. In recent years, several pieces of sculpture have been acquired for the collection with four major pieces by Stephen DeStaebler along with the work of Manuel Neri. One of the newest and most exciting pieces in the collection is a small chapel created especially for the collection by sculptor, Al Farrow.

The Schreyer Collection

Boldly Contemporary

A visit to the Chara Schreyer collection is an inspiring experience in art without boundaries. There are over fifty works of art in this collection in the Four Seasons, a museum in miniature. Primarily black and white, this collection features conceptual and modern art in an array of mediums. Artists represented include Ed Ruscha, John Baldessari, DeKooning, Sol LeWitt, Dan Flavin, Robert Melee, Jeff Koons, Lee Friedlander and Richard Prince.